At the beginning of the street Lindholmsallén and next to the quayside in a waterfront location, a new headquarter is commissioned by Semcon, an international technology consulting firm with engineering services and product information. The building will become a cost-efficient head office that meets tomorrow's expectations of a modern workplace as well as the requirements for sustainability, accessibility, and space efficiency.

The inviting entrance is situated in the North-West, and it leads into the building's light, glazed atrium with its narrow, four-storey corrugated balustrades. The ground floor is public and offers spacious areas for both big and small sized meetings as well as a lunch restaurant facing the water. The four additional floors mainly consist of open-plan office landscapes. The fan room, other technical rooms and parking lots are located in the basement.

To achieve the glazed, light look and simultaneously meet the energy saving requirements, the Semcon building has a double façade - an outer shell of glass and steel in front of an inner façade of glass and compact elements of red, flour painted wood.

Gross area
9000 m²
Eklandia / BRA Bygg