Sollentuna Hospital

In collaboration with Norconsult, Semrén & Månsson has designed a complete refurbishment of Sollentuna Hospital, built in 1978, transforming it into a modern local hospital and specialist center. Once completed the hospital will include modern care facilities focusing on geriatric and other specialized somatic care, as well as a specialist center designed to support the geriatric care unit.

The main thought with the design is for the hospital to blend in with the surrounding nature, with the overall theme being "bring the park inside". We have worked with directed viewpoints and incorporated wooden elements and plants in all wards of the hospital, with an emphasis on areas with high patient activity such as entrance halls, waiting rooms and day-rooms.

The facilities are designed from a health-promoting point of view, with the patient's care needs at the center. A great emphasis has been placed on providing visitors easy access to the hospital with a natural flow and a straightforward layout design. Another important goal has been to create an environment that enables and supports interoperability and pooling, which benefits patients as well as private and public health care providers that operate at the hospital.

Once completed, the building will receive an environmental certification according to Miljöbyggnad, and the ambition is to reach 'Gold' level.

Project architect
Lena Kristiansson
Gross area
31000 m²