Spektrum, Cultural Center and School

The public multifunctional building ‘Spektrum’ is being constructed in the heart of the area ‘Nya Hovås’. With its spectacular facade in shimmering gold and roof-top schoolyard, it has become a trademark for the growing urban area.

As the name suggests, the building accommodates a spectrum (‘Spektrum’) of businesses, which together creates a dynamic and lively building for all generations.

The design of the structure is based on a two-shell principle. The inner building body will be built as a traditional and rational building envelope which is covered with an external structure; an exclusive, light and latticed facade with anodized metal lamellae. The lamellae create shade from the sun, and the sunlight is filtered through in the space in between the two layers, which creates a pleasant atmosphere in the classrooms while preserving daylight.

The ground-level of the building is a public space, containing both a restaurant as well as facilities for various stores and businesses that can be accessed from the surrounding streets. One floor below ground-level, a bowling alley is located which further encourage diversity and activity in the building. The second floor is also a public area with flexible school facilities which can be used by the various businesses in the building. Because the facilities are shared, it creates movement on the floor throughout the day, with school during the day and activities and courses for the residents in the evenings.

Spektrum was completed in 2018 and has received a ’Green Building’ certificate.

Gross area
5000 m²
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