Swedish Match

 Staff who enjoy their jobs feel great and stay in their jobs. This was particularly important to Swedish Match when its increased its production of snus (Swedish "snuff") required larger premises and it transferred its manufacturing arm from Gothenburg to Kungälv.

A completely new facility gave the company the opportunity to create the perfect workplace, with high standards of hygiene, cleanliness and – last but not least – wellbeing. Each production unit was given its own colour and identity, and the interior is dominated by a feature wall in a strong colour, which continues on all levels in combination with a number of muted colours. The increased production volume controlled the dimensioning of production lines and other functions.

The dominant main building, which welcomes visitors with an entrance made of generous glass areas, is clad in fibre cement boards in five shades of red, bringing life to the façade. The production facility is grouped all around: a black cube, the silo hall made of stainless steel and offices and a staff area in a low, plastered row of buildings. The packaging warehouse and cold store are located alongside the production plant. The original environment, with stone walls, overgrown fruit trees and meadows around the facility, has been taken into account and provided a starting point for land use planning.

The result was the most modern factory in the world for the production of pouches of snus and one of the biggest industrial initiatives in Western Sweden over the last few years.

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
23 000 m²
Swedish Match AB
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