Tradetech consultning

In the center of Gothenburg, the office of Tradetech has been redesigned by Semrén & Månsson into a modern workplace with a contemporary expression. Tradetech offers expertise and tailored services within the financial sector and wanted a work environment with focus on functionality and transparency with possibilities for privacy.

Informal meeting places and enclosed spaces are alternated around a cylindrically shaped core. The core holds common facilities such as staff room, kitchen and lounge.

The color scheme is neutral with golden features. A textile carpet in warm grey composes a uniform base, surrounding the core. White walls contrasts the black pillars and the silver shimmering face of the core. Graphically patterned semitransparent window film reappear throughout the interior where classic furniture are mixed with expressive and playful light fixtures and details.

Götgatan, Göteborg
Gross area
300 m²
Product sheet