Ullstorp is situated to the north-west of Kungälv. This area is characterised by open agricultural land surrounded by dense forest. The most important foundation was to consolidate the natural values, even after development, and to use the new community structure to develop the identity of Ullstorp. We have formulated four basic principles for this commission:

- For the primary traffic system to be laid in a traditional manner at the edge of the forest.

- For the new garden town to focus on recovery and recreation.

- For the buildings to be designed on the basis of two main principles; the farmyard in the meadow, and farm formation in the forest glade.

- To retain a continuous clear zone in the middle is order to maintain the open nature that characterises the agricultural landscape.

This zone will include an activity area for schools, outdoor activities and allotments, which will add value to the homes there. We believe that an activity zone of this kind may also make it possible for residents in the wider local area to benefit from the facilities offered by Ullstorp.

We have worked with a building structure comprising two-floor, single-family houses, which will be positioned close together. This will allow continuous natural areas to be preserved and neighbourhood values to be maintained.

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
720 000 m²
Skanska Nya Hem & Municipality of Kungälv
Product sheet