University of Borås

This commission was won via a competitive process and a First Prize in 1999. We have worked in participation with MA Arkitekter of Borås during both the competition stage and the detailed design stage.

The concept for the project, to link single buildings to form a composite unit, appeared to be successful and simple. This allowed the project to bring about major programmatic changes, such as removing a large auditorium and erecting a large library in its place. The division of the building into a number of elements is also a concept for terminating the town's network at Järnvägsgatan.

Besides the actual task of meeting the needs of the university in terms of new premises, the project is a vital element from an urban development perspective. Allégatan, which passes through central Borås in its entirety, ends at Sandgärdet. Establishing a terminating location, known as Högskoleplatsen, and placing here a dignified building, the library, will terminate Allégatan correctly in terms of value.

We have placed great emphasis on opportunities for students to meet up, study and spend time in the public areas of the building. For this reason, the entrance hall has been designed to resemble a large "living room", and this will be at the heart of the new building.

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
9 700 m²
Akademiska Hus
Product sheet