Villa Beyer

Work on Villa Beyer provides Semrén & Månsson with a fantastic opportunity to bring back to life a unique Gothenburg building from its long sleep. We are recreating a classic villa in the "Lorensberg villa town" literally a stone's throw from Götaplatsen. Our aim is to make Villa Beyer into a lively, functioning home by developing this 1920s villa, turning it into a modern place to live where the materials and floor plans meet contemporary requirements.

Surrounded by strong stone walls and with its fortress-like appearance, Villa Beyer is a typical example of the national romantic style, inspired by 1920s classicism, which is so characteristic of Lorensberg villa town. There are stringent demands when it comes to balancing the creation of the new features with the preservation of the beautiful old details that architect Arvid Bjerke once designed for the building. A total of six unique new apartments will be created, with a beautiful, protected garden.

Each apartment in Villa Beyer will have a character all of its own. The magnificent bay window in the living room on floor two, the intersecting vaults on the stairs of the duplex apartments, the fantastic ceiling height in the attic and the coffered wooden ceiling in the small apartment on floor one. The apartments will be of various sizes, from 62 to 139 m2.

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
860 m²
Ernst Rosén AB
Product sheet