Great architecture generates value that lasts over time. It enhances human well-being, makes societies grow and is a profitable investment over time. As we see it, it’s only when design, technology and economy interact on equal terms that the best architecture can be achieved. It’s only by taking a greater responsibility that we can build a better society together with our clients.

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    Sollentuna Hospital

    In collaboration with Norconsult, Semrén & Månsson has designed a complete refurbishment of Sollentuna Hospital, built in 1978, transforming it into a modern local hospital and specialist center. Once completed the hospital will include modern care facilities focusing on geriatric and other specialized somatic care, as well as a specialist center designed to support the geriatric care unit. The main thought with the design is for the hospital to blend in with the surrounding nature, with...

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    A protected tobacco warehouse and characteristic landmark was to be renovated to create modern offices covering a total area of 12 000 sq m. The original character of the building had to be retained while also allowing more light in and applying general sustainability features. In 2012, the renovated Pagoden was named one of the top two buildings in Gothenburg. Pagoden, which was originally designed by Cyrillus Johansson, is a clear example of 1920s building technology. This is a monumental...

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    The building on the corner of the city block Hernhutaren on Kungsportsplatsen in central Gothenburg was built around 1860. It is a historical address where the owner of Meeths department store once lived. Also, the local newspaper GP's office and printing house were located here in the past. Semrén & Månsson has been commissioned by Wallenstam to design a reconstruction where the buildings existing tin roof is replaced with one of glass with a graphic striping that creates a modern, and...

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    BRF Sjöhamnen

    ’Klippan’ is an extraordinary area in Gothenburg that exhibits a lot of qualities for residents as well as visitors. Recently, a number of interesting new construction projects have contributed to turning Klippan into a nice, modern and attractive residential area. Our hope and beliefs are that our current project for KB Majorna will contribute to developing and strengthening this progress even further. The essential idea with this project has been to create a large number of apartments of...

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    Clarion Hotel Post

    A 24,000 square-meter national monument was to be transformed into a modern large hotel of the highest class while simultaneously filling the need for a new central living room for the city. From the start, the office had been working to find opportunities to optimize the area and create a new expression in the middle of Gothenburg's historical gateway. At the same time as the establishment in the area around Drottningtorget was being discussed, the office was working with hotel Avalon. All...