Great architecture generates value that lasts over time. It enhances human well-being, makes societies grow and is a profitable investment over time. As we see it, it’s only when design, technology and economy interact on equal terms that the best architecture can be achieved. It’s only by taking a greater responsibility that we can build a better society together with our clients.

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    Klippan offices

    Near the southern bridgehead of the Älvsborgsbron bridge lies the district of Klippan, an area characterised by old industrial buildings which have now been converted into offices, homes and hotels to a greater or a lesser extent. Although this area is a cultural reserve, Klippan kulturfastigheter – owner of the buildings – wanted to continue developing and consolidating the area. Semrén & Månsson was commissioned to design an office block which was also intended to act as a point of...

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    Gråskär is a new hotel with a unique location at the end of the pier in Södra Hamnen in Skärhärm, which is located in the archipelago of Bohuslän. The hotel will be right next door to The Nordic Watercolor Museum and is planned to include a spa, conference facilities, and a restaurant. This investment will not only addresses the need for more accommodation in the area but also makes for an additional reason to visit Skärhamn. The design is inspired by the history of Skärhamn and its...

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    BRF Sjöhamnen

    ’Klippan’ is an extraordinary area in Gothenburg that exhibits a lot of qualities for residents as well as visitors. Recently, a number of interesting new construction projects have contributed to turning Klippan into a nice, modern and attractive residential area. Our hope and beliefs are that our current project for KB Majorna will contribute to developing and strengthening this progress even further. The essential idea with this project has been to create a large number of apartments of...

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    Semrén & Månsson has worked on the city block Juvelkvarnen in Eriksberg since the early 2000’s. A transformational process was initiated when the former industrial site was to be redesigned to residential housing. Two of the grand brick buildings, ’Kvarnen’ and ’Silon,’ originally designed by the city architect Per Lennart Håkansson, has already been re-designed and turned into apartments. The early 1900’s warehouse 'Magasinet' is the final building that is now being...

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    At the request of Patriam, Semrén & Månsson has created 36 well-designed apartment, placed on a natural hillside in the middle of the residential district Stocksund, north of Stockholm. The two mirroring buildings are covered in grayish green slate which shades differ depending on weather, light and season. The railings and window sashes create a contrast with a warm, bronzy color that matches the shifting colors of the façade. The spacious stairway receives plenty of daylight, and the...